How to Rent a Car in Kochi Kerala

Rent a Car in Kochi

Do you know How to Rent a Car in Kochi Kerala. Do you know that In kerala there are lot of  Car Rental services available in Kerala, but 99% of them are illegal. Because most of the Car rental companies in kerala providing Private cars which Registered for Personal Use. Here is ho to find legal Rent a Car Service in kerala.  In India Legal Car rental service can easily identified using number plates. How to book legal rent a cars?. Read..

How to Identify Legal Rent a Cars Kerala

We can easily identify Legal Car rental Service using Car Number Plates itself. Rent A Cars are registered with Black Number Plate and Yellow Letters. May be you are familer with Zoom Cars. They are offering Legal Car Rental Service in various cities like Banglore, Pune Chennai Etc.  The Photo showing Karnataka Registered Legal Rent a Car, This car is owned by Zoom Car.

Rent a Car in Kochi Kerala

Image Source Zoom Car

In Kerala Only Two Registered companies are Providing Self Drive Rent a Car in Kerala, Both compnies are based on kochi. Most of us in kerala are not familer with Black Number plated cars. There are lot of benefits when we book a legal car rental service. Because We are proted by law, we can claim insurance Etc. So allways try to book legal car rental service.

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