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Top 5 Websites to learn Coding

Top 5 Websites to learn Coding

A computer science degree and engineering students must have knowledge about computer programming such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHp. But probably we don’t have much knowledge about it, Don’t worry here we are sharing the best ways to increase your knowledge via online learning. Here we sharing Top 5 Websites to learn Coding.

Top 5 Websites to learn Coding

Top 5 Websites to learn Coding

Today We are sharing the top 5 websites to learn coding online. We are sharing the Best websites to Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Free.

The Benefits of Learning Online

  • You can attend the classes anytime.
  • Time saving.
  • You can learn more by reading, Watching videos and also do coding.
  • Interactive Lessons

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Best Free Websites to Learn Coding Online

W3 Schools

W3Schools is a worlds popular web site for learning web technologies online. They offer free tutorials to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP etc for Free. Anyone who have internet access can learn. No signups required. W3 schools have different types of examples on each topic. Its one of the best website for learn coding and its well arranged too.

Code Academy

Code Academy teaches you the basics of a number of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and much more. It teach you each abd every step with an example and you must complete the test to continue to next level. You must Signup to take free courses and Paid course also available.

Solo learn

Solo learn also provide different language’s such as HTML, CSS , JavaScript, PHP, and c++ Etc. Solo Learn is little bit different from other sources, You can learn from solo learn from web and mobile apps. They offers mobile apps for Android, iOS and windows phone for free.


Khanacademy offers wide range of subjects like computer science, mathematics, physics and other subjects too. It also offers Web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL etc. You can choose any subject and learn via videos and examples etc. You must Sign Up to Learn.

Learnlayout is a simple Website to learn css in a simple way. It teaches you the fundamentals of CSS via simple examples. It teaches only CSS.

Other Sources to Learn

There are lot of Website to learn different types of subjects via online both free and paid. We shared the best and free websites here.

Other Websites:Udacity,, Coursera, Udemy, Lynda, Treehouse Etc.

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